Advanced Pre-harvest Technique: Anulek Agrotech

Sagar Bhansali is the founder and CEO of Anulek Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., India's leading producer of biochar. Prior to co- founding anulek agrotech, Sagar held product management responsibilities with siemens. He did his masters in business management from S.P Jain centre of management and holds a bachelor of engineering from university of Mumbai. He received two gold medals for his performance during MBA. In an interview with Parth Motwani, he shares his valuable views on the product which they have made for the well being of farmers and environment. Excerpts...

Enlighten us on the growth of Anulekh over the years?

We just completed our 3rd full year of operations. We had a healthy growth of approx. 300 percent in FY15/16 as compared to the last fiscal year.

Being India’s leading biochar supplier, what sets you apart from other organisations?

Our deep understanding of the product market gives us a competitive advantage. We have tested our product across the length & breadth of the country under different climatic conditions & crops. We have a robust set of data to back our claims.

Please tell us about the challenges that you have faced?

Like any new revolutionary technology, initially acceptance was low. Only a few progressive farmers go for it. But once farmers, companies start seeing results & are convinced of the cost/benefit aspects, they adopt it on a large scale.

What are the most important decisions that you take as the leader of your company?

Set the direction of the company for the next 3-5 years. People management is also critical for the leader of the company.

R&D is the prime agenda of any organisation. Please tell us about your R&D initiatives?

We extensively partner with govt agricultural universities & research institutes for joint research & product testing. These institutions have qualified people along with decent infrastructure.

Additionally, people/farmers have more faith in the credibility as they are 3rd party neutral bodies.

Please share the future growth plans of your company?

We plan to increase our penetration in agriculture/horticulture markets in India. We are also entering newer markets like landscaping. We are also looking to cater to international markets in the medium term.

How Anulekh is contributing towards the welfare of farmers?

As all of us are aware, India faces drought like situations every few years which lead to water shortage for farmers. Additionally, our farmers have got addicted to agro-chemicals/fertilisers. Our technology helps them in reducing the consumptions of these resources - water & chemical fertilisers. Our technology also substantially increases yield. All these factors help in improving farm incomes. Not only is our technology economically beneficial to farmers, but also has major environmental benefits.