eNAM mandis in Uttar Pradesh to get better internet speed soon

eNAM mandis in Uttar Pradesh to get better internet speed soon

Uttar Pradesh farmers trading in 100 electronic National Agriculture Markets (eNAM) can expect better internet speed soon as the state government has initiated the work for installation of leased line in these regulated wholesale mandis. 

UP has set up 100 eNAM mandis in the country and are operational with 27.31 lakh registered farmers so far. 

At present, farmers are trading online within a mandi in the state. Inter-mandi trading is also being tested on a pilot basis in selective mandis. 

"Poor internet connectivity is a major problem. Internet speed is necessary for both to operate eNAM app on mobile phone and even on desktop. We have issued a tender to BSNL to install leased lines. The work has begun," a senior Agriculture Ministry official, posted in Lucknow, told PTI. 

The leased line installation should complete in all 100 mandis in the next 2-3 months, he told PTI. 

The eNAM, launched in April 2016 across India, aims to help farmers with better price discovery and provide facilities for smooth marketing of their produce. The official further said that out of 100 eNAM mandis in UP, around 20 mandis are active including Lakhimpur and Saharanpur mandis, while some are yet to pick business volumes. 

Gradually, the online trading is getting streamlined in Uttar Pradesh. "Initially, there were complaints that bids were fed into the system. Now, these issues are resolved. The software now does not accept bids entered later." 

Even the delay in payments have been addressed. Farmers are paid by cheque in  the absence of online payment, he added. 

Though middlemen are eliminated completely on the e-NAM platform but are still active in offline trading that is undertaken in the mandis. 

"Not all commodities are being traded on eNAM. The offline trading is still in operation. The commission agents and middlemen are active there," the official said. 

Meanwhile, the state government is creating awareness among farmers to trade on the eNAM App on their mobile phones without visiting to mandis. Its success, however, would again depend on internet speed in remote areas.

By BOA Bureau