Increase Organic Farming

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Increase Organic Farming West Bengal state agriculture department is geared up to increase organic farming in the state. As part of its drive to increase organic farming, the state is focusing on increasing production of some of the aromatic ricevarieties like Radhatilak, Dudhsar, Kalabhat, Kalonuniya. As of now, 17,807 hectares of land are used for organic farming. The department is planning to bring another 10,000 hectares under organic farming. 

Apart from paddy, tea, flowers and fruits are cultivated using organic farming methods. For cultivating aromatic rice, organic fertilisers are necessary, as usage of chemical fertilisers will lead to loss of the aroma. 

As per the agriculture department, in 2016-17, usage of chemical fertilisers plummeted significantly in the state. In the past, 190 kg of fertilisers were used per hectare. The amount has come down to 187 kg. Use of organic manures has increased from 1.5 metric tonne per hectare to 1.88 metric tonne per hectare. Use of organic manures will only facilitate the cultivation of aromatic rice, the state agriculture department officials said.

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By BOA Bureau