Wheat procured

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Wheat procured The government so far has procured 34.06 million tonnes of wheat as against the target of 35.7 million tonnes for the season 2019-20. While there is excess procurement in Punjab and Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan have shown procurement less than the target. The procurement season ends on June 30. 

As per the latest figures of Food Corporation of India, the government has purchased only 3.64 million – down by 1.36 million tonnes. Similarly, in Madhya Pradesh, the purchase is 6.72 million tonnes as against the target of 7.5 million tonnes. 

“In Uttar Pradesh, procurement is believed to have suffered due to elections. Besiders, the state government cites competitive prices in market to be another reason for lower than expected procurement. The government, however, has extended the procurement window for 10 days to June 25 to complete the target,” said an FCI official. 

In Rajasthan, where the government has been able to purchase 1.4 million tonnes as against the target of 1.7 million tonnes, the procurement window is till June 30. 

“We expect to complete the target. There are arrivals in the mandi and we hope to wind up the season by meeting our targets,” said an FCI official in Rajasthan. The government has purchased 12.91 million tonnes of wheat in Punjab as against the target of 12.5 million tonnes. Similarly, in Haryana also, the target of 8.5 million tonnes has been exceeded by 0.8 million tonnes.

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By BOA Bureau